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The safety of students is paramount in campuses and strict measures are in place to ensure they’re free from all types of danger. The prepared and well-equipped school is ready for all possibilities, even the attacks of rampaging termites. Yes, these small but terrible creatures can wreak havoc on a scale that may endanger many youngsters, as these pests’ actions may lead to weakened or collapsed structures. These also lead to costly repairs and disruption of regular operations, which may inconvenience students and faculty alike.

Termites can be a drag, as Marikina-based Infant Jesus Academy (IJA) discovered. A trusted school for almost 30 years now, the IJA continues its commitment to providing quality and values-oriented education to grade school and high school students. IJA’s campus facilities have constantly been maintained or improved to serve their different learning needs. But no place is truly safe from wood-devouring pest, especially if they’re able to bypass traditional liquid termiticides.

“We discovered them back in 1990s.” revealed Peter F. Mallonga, member of the IJA management committee. “We noticed our files being eaten up. We’ve been transferring offices while the school was growing, and every time, we would move our file. Those which had not been frequently opened at the bottom part of the filing cabinet were being eaten up.”

There were other infestations as well. “The chapel on the fourth floor of our multi-purpose building had also been targeted, specifically its old, antique wood floor. Several of our collections were eaten up at the library, too; the mezzanine for the library and the third floor conference room were also attacked!”

The school was initially treated with liquid chemical termiticide and it was sprayed all over but to no avail. “We would still get termites,” he said. “What made us think thoroughly was when several of our school book representatives informed us of our neighboring school’s infestation. They had to pay P7 million to repair their termite-damaged building! It made us think again and again.

Several of Mallonga’s friends recommended The Sentricon™ Termite Colony Elimination System, a scientifically proven solution manufactured by Dow AgroSciences. He also researched on Sentricon at www.sentricon.com to know more about the product and was very pleased from the information gathered. He found out the Sentricon™ Colony Elimination System is internationally renowned and have been tried, tested, used in several countries and it is effective not only in getting rid of termites found in the building but it can eradicate termite colonies below ground level. He called on Virapest at 728-4545; 834-2494, a well trained and licensed Sentricon Autorized operator to install and administer the Sentricon™ Colony Elimination System.

Rhuel Capuyan, Virapest’s service supervisor, explained that technicians placed Sentricon™’s above-ground stations at infested areas. “We found the very destructive Philippine milk termites attacking the chapel and baited them. After three months, the infestation problem was solved. The result was so good that Mr. Mallonga had their Antipolo branch campus treated with Sentricon as well.”

Mallonga is thankful that the termites’ attacks were stopped. “As a member of the institution, I noticed the returns. You spend, but in the long run, it would be more beneficial to prevent it. We wouldn’t like to experience the other school’s ordeal and spend up to P7 million to renovate and repair. Using Sentricon™ Colony Elimination System is really worth it.”

Instructor Karina Mallonga is appreciative of Sentricon™’s other benefits. “It doesn’t have any odor, installation of the components did not interrupt school activities and students and faculty were not exposed to hazardous chemicals. And Sentricon really worked, the infestations did not return unlike using the spray liquid treatments.”

School is about to open and IJA is ready and prepared to welcome back their students. Campus safety has always been their priority, and by opting to use the acclaimed Sentricon System, a potentially costly and immobilizing disaster was averted. Learn more about Sentricon™ Colony Elimination System

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