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Vira Pest, Inc. is formerly Vira Trading and was registered on December 16, 1993 at the Department of Trade and Industry. On November 28, 1995 it was changed to Vira Pest Control Co. and finally on January 28, 2005 it was incorporated and became VIRA PEST, INC.

The CEO is a Certified Pesticide Applicator by FPA; Exterminator and Fumigator category and passed the licensure exam given by British Pest Control Association (BPCA) IN Warwick University, England.


Vira Pest, Inc. is a bonafide member of Pest Exterminators Association of the Philippines (PEAP). The association which is a member of First Asia Oceania Pest Managers Association (FAOPMA). We are also one of the founding member of Philippine Federation of Pest Management Associations (PFPMOA) and Phil Green Building Council (PhilGBC) member.



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