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Termite control Sydney

No other termite control system of any type has ever achieved such a high level of efficacy—with 100% effectiveness in eradicating termites in three months or less. So it’s not surprising that millions of home-owners like you have made Fipronil the #1 termite control product in America. Results have been comparable in Sydney, Australia, where one out of three houses at sometime experience termites.

Descriptions and Effect:
  • Non-repellent termiticide - Means that the Termites remain unware of its presence
  • Ingest it readily, pick it up and carry it back to the colony that results in death of termites.
  • Unique mode of action
  • 100% control
  • Long residual
  • Manges Colonies
  • Low dose
  • Low odor
  • Termiticide transfer effect
  • New Standard in termite control

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