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Optigard Termite liquid is a liquid formulation for the control of subterranean termites, and a wide range of other insect pest species. Thiamethoxam, the active ingredient in Optigard Termite liquid, is a second-generation neocicotinoid insecticide which belongs to the thianicontinyl subclass. Thiamethoxam demonstrates ingestion and contact activity against a wide range of economically important pests.

  • Non-repellent insecticide
  • Low use rates (0.2%)
  • Kills insects by contact and ingestion
  • Non-volatile and non-staining
  • Excellent efficacy against termites and wood-destroying insects
  • Flexible use to control ants.
Mode of Action

Thiamethoxam targets the nicotinic acetycholine receptors in the insect’s nervous system, resulting in death of the exposed insect. Neonicotinoids have a significantly different mode of action compatred with other classes of insecticides (e.g. pyrethroids, phenylpyrazoles, pyrroles, etc.) commonly used for pest control. Thiamethoxam provides contact and ingestion activity on all stages of insect development. Thiamethoxam is non-repellent and can be transferred from exposed to unexposed insects that exhibit social behaviour, such as termites and ants.

Origard Termite Liquid is an easy-to-use, water-based, 21.6% w/w suspension concentrate (SC) formulation that readily disperses in water, has virtually no odour, and is compatible with commonly used application equipment, including liquid applicators, foam applicators, and direct-injection systems. Otigard Termite Liquid is labelled for use as pre-construction and post-construction treatments to control subterranean termites. It can also be used for the control of drywood termites and ants.

Application Volumes

To provide maximum control and protection against termite infestation, apply the specified volume of the finished water and active ingredient suspension as set forth in the use directions. If soil will not accept the labelled application volume, the volume may be reduced provided there is a corresponding increase in concentration so the amount or active ingredient applied to soil remains the same.

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