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Is one of the innovative products used by VIRA PEST, INC. A perfect combination of quality and affordability in a pre-construction and post-construction termite treatment. Formulated for superior control and lasting residual efficacy. PROBUILD TC is the ideal choice for protection against all Subterranean and Dry Wood termite species. Soil treatment is the fundamental method of pre-construction termite control and by treating termites at their main source, the soil.
Among the most impressive product features of PROBUILD TC are as follows:
  • Dependable, cost-effective termite protection
  • Proven active ingredient (cypermethrin) both kills and repels pests.
  • Favorable environmental profile.
  • Remains in desired application area by binding to soil and organic matter.
  • Provides proven performance and lasting control, even under heavy termite pressure.
  • Manufactured and packed in the US .

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